Last weeks lecture gave ideas of main areas to research and after learning of the ‘h-point’ incorporated into vehicle design I researched further into the idea. Anthropometrics play a large part in vehicle design affecting aerodynamics, visibility (viewing position), roof height, seating comfort, driver fatigue, ease of entry and exit, safety, airbag design and collision performance

The h-point also known as the hip point is the position of the hip, the pivot point between the legs and torso, it is often measured to the floor or the pavement.

Vehicles such as vans have a high h-spot whereas vehicles such as sports car have a lower h-point.


Cars have adjustable seats, in particular the drivers, moving forwards and backwards, higher and lower, the angles of both the seat and back rest can often be changed and the headrest can be adjusted. People come in all shapes and sizes and therefore adjustable seating is essential, however in some vehicles some people may be too large or too small be it their leg or torso length which can cause discomfort. An adjustable seat aims to eliminate discomfort but is not always 100% effect for everyone.

Adjustable Seat
Adjustable Seat